Dear Manhattan Youth After-School Families,

It is our sincere hope this message finds you well. We want to reassure you that Manhattan Youth’s After-School Program at the Downtown Community Center will remain open! We will continue to provide our Clubhouse and Sports programming for families in need of child care, and for the youth who will need connection and recreation during this time. Please know that throughout school closures we will be in contact with our partner schools for updates. Stay tuned for future programming! Stay Safe!

Our blend of field day sports and our clubhouse curriculum is sure to meet your child's in-person after-school needs! Students will engage in a variety of activities responding to the physical fitness and socioemotional need for students eager to have a fun environment, where they can reconnect with their peers, and their favorite after-school coaches and group leaders.

Note: This is a Drop-off program at the Downtown Community Center. Drop off is at 3:15PM and pick-up is at 5:50PM at our Downtown Community Center. Manhattan Youth staff will practice all CDC, DOH, DOE guided protocols to ensure students are safely distanced, engaged in stationary, no-contact activities. Our students will go through the temperature/health check process daily, at the beginning of program, and will receive a health check prior to dismissal.

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