Manhattan Youth After-School @ the Downtown Community Center

Students will engage in a variety of activities responding to the physical fitness and socioemotional need for students eager to have a fun environment, where they can reconnect with their peers, and their favorite after-school coaches and group leaders. Especially at this time. Over the next few weeks we will provide arts; ceramics, painting and portfolio, dance, digital media and more! This program is now offered everyday!

*Note: This is a Drop-off program at the Downtown Community Center. Drop off is at 3:15PM and pick-up is at 5:50PM at our Downtown Community Center. Manhattan Youth staff will continue to practice all CDC, DOH, DOE guided protocols to ensure students are safely distanced, engaged in stationary, no-contact activities. Our students will go through the temperature/health check process daily, at the beginning of program, and will receive a health check prior to dismissal.

Please note, there is a $200 Registration Fee for all programs. This fee is waived for siblings (i.e., one fee per family).


1 - $180

2 - $303

3 - $395

4 - $410

5 - $430

MY DCC After-School Clubhouse

Supporting families who need child care Manhattan Youth offers a combination of homework help, arts, ceramics sports and performing arts activities, which will be sure to engage all children.

In response to the need for extra-curricular activities, any given weekday, Manhattan Youth offers your child a day of science, DIY, stationary non-contact sports and fitness, with their favorite coaches and more every week!

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