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Since 1991, Manhattan Youth has been providing financial assistance to working families so that they can secure quality childcare.


As much as we can, we try to meet the needs of our families who work hard to pay high rents and raise their children here in New York City. This is why we strive to keep costs as low as possible and give as much financial assistance as possible - over $295,000 in this year alone- to low-income families and families who are struggling through crises such as job loss, divorce or loss of a loved one.


We have also devoted an additional $265,000 to free programs for seniors, teens, and the entire community this year.  Supporting children and families in our community is of utmost importance. We need your generosity and support to continue our work.


Manhattan Youth remains committed to caring for children, families, and our Lower Manhattan Community. With over 500 different classes and events per week, our after-school programs foster creativity, boost personal growth, and strengthen minds and bodies for over 5,000 children every day in thirty Lower Manhattan public schools. This is in addition to the thousands of families that are cared for in our community center, Pier 25 programs, and our free senior swim program. Several of our students have won championships and participated in citywide sports events, including basketball, soccer, cheerleading, robotics, and chess. 


Engaging young people with positive experiences, teaching responsible decision-making, and promoting emotional maturity are all part of what we do. 


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