Our Facility

  • 1 What temperature is the pool?

    Our pool temperature is kept at a warm 86-88 degrees, perfect for young children and families.

  • 2 Are there changing areas? Restrooms?

    We offer spacious locker rooms with individual changing stalls. Lockers are available for use (please bring your own lock). We do not provide locker rentals or over-night lockers. There are several restroom stalls located in each locker room, as well as two large restrooms on the pool deck for families.

  • 3 Are there showers available?

    Yes. We have showers on the pool deck for quick rinsing before and after swimming. Additional individual showers are available in the locker rooms, where shampoo/body wash is also provided.

  • 4 Do you provide towels?

    We do not offer a towel service, however if you forget towels for the day we are happy to loan you some. Please ask any staff member and they will assist you.

  • 5 Are strollers allowed in the pool area?

    Unfortunately strollers are not allowed on the pool level. Please park your strollers in the designated parking areas at the entrance to the building, and pack a bag for swimming.

  • 6 Do you have certain restrictions for Covid-19?

    Yes. Like all New York City pools, only fully vaccinated individuals (who are eligible for the vaccine) are able to gain access to our pool. While masks cannot be worn in the pool, we ask that they be worn on deck, in the locker rooms, and everywhere else in the Community Center. Instructors wear clear face shields to add an additional layer of protection for the student and teacher. We carefully watch and follow all Department of Health and CDC recommendations. As things change, we may adapt our requirements.

  • 7 How do I register for swimming lessons?

    To get started with swim lessons we ask that all prospective participants submit an online class request form. You can do this by going to www.manhattanyouth.org/aquatics/registration. Submitting an request form does not guarantee placement, however, we will do our best to find a group best suited to your family’s needs. 

  • 8 Do you offer programming for adults?

    We sure do! In addition to our Lap Swim hours, we offer a variety of swim classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers. We also seasonally offer water fitness classes. These adult classes are included in Membership to the Center. Private lessons are available at an additional cost.

  • 9 What are the benefits to becoming a member of the Downtown Community Center?

    As a member of Manhattan Youth's Downtown Community Center, you will have these added benefits and more!

    • 10% Discount on registration-based swim classes
    • Access to Complimentary Bubble Babies, Water Toddlers, and Splash Pad classes for young swimmers under 3
    • Access to Complimentary Adult Swim Lessons (group)
    • Access to Family Swim and Lap Swim hours
    • Ability to schedule Private Swim Lessons
    • Early Bird discounts and promotions

Swim Lessons

  • 1 Do I have to be a member to sign up for Swim Lessons? 

    No. While members of the Center receive 10% off swim class fees, you do not have to have a membership to enroll your child in our group swim lessons. Since swim classes meet only once per week, we do encourage you to consider a Family Membership so that you can help your child reinforce their new skills during our Family Swim on the weekdays or weekends. Our Bubble Babies and Water Toddlers swim classes are also included in membership! Private Swim Lessons are offered only to members.

  • 2 How many children will be in my child's swim class? 

    Our goal is to offer your child high-quality swim instruction. Therefore, we strive to keep our swim classes small so that each swimmer receives personal attention from their instructor. Pre-K lessons will have a maximum of 3-4 children per instructor. Parent/Child lessons and Youth lessons for school-aged children will have 3-6 children per instructor, depending on skill-level. Please note that Swim Team practices may have more than 6 children per class or lane due to the training-like structure.

  • 3 Can I request a specific teacher for my child?

    Yes! We understand the importance of the child/teacher relationship, so if you have a teacher preference, please let us know. We will always do our best to accommodate instructor requests, but cannot guarantee which teacher your child will be placed with. We also may find it necessary to move a child to a different class mid-semester, or to change the teacher for a class mid-semester.

  • 4 Will a class be cancelled if my child's instructor is out for the day? 

    No, the class will still take place as usual. An appropriate substitute teacher will be staffed for the day.

  • 5 Can I register my child for a class after the semester has started? 

    Yes, based on availability. You will be charged a pro-rated amount based on the remaining classes in the semester.

  • 6 Do you offer make-up lessons?

    When you sign up for a semester of swim lessons, your day and time is reserved each week for the duration of a semester. Unfortunately we do not allow make-up lessons for missed group classes, however, we will do our best to accommodate schedule changes and will work with you to find another day or time that works for your schedule should your current class time no longer work.

  • 7 What will my child need for each swim class?

    Please send your child with a swim suit, towel, and a pair of goggles to each swimming session. Please do not bring flotation devices or water wings - we will not use these in lessons. All children under 3 and those not fully potty trained must wear an appropriate snug-fitting swim diaper under their swim attire.


  • 8 Can I watch my child's class?

    Yes! We encourage it! All children in our Pre-K program are required to have a parent or guardian on the pool level. Parents of older children may drop their child off and return at the end of class, so long as they first check in with the Deck Supervisor. We ask parents to sit on the red benches along either side of our pool deck to watch their child during swim lessons. You may also watch from the hallway, through our wall of windows.

  • 9 Do you offer private lessons?

    Private lessons are offered only to Members of the Center.

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