Sweet Love Snack Bar at Pier 25

We are serving snacks, drinks, and ice cream at this time.

Manhattan Youth opened our original Sweet Love Snack Bar at Pier 25 back in 1995, and the new Sweet Love Snack Bar on today's rebuilt Pier 25 is thoroughly up-to-date and like a dream come true! 

Work up an appetite and come enjoy healthy snacks and items to satisfy your sweet tooth. Like all of Manhattan Youth's amenities at Pier 25, the revenue from our Sweet Love Snack Bar supports Manhattan Youth programs, assists families in need, and supports the mission of the Hudson River Park Trust.

Our Menu
  • Chicken Sandwich
  • Pier 25 Veggie Burger
  • Hebrew National Hot Dog
  • Financial Fries
  • Sweet Love Lemonade
  • Water, Soda, Gatorade
  • Ice Cream
  • Chips and Snacks