Mini Golf on Pier 25                                              

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Come enjoy a fun-filled day or evening at Manhattan Youth's Mini Golf course on Pier 25. Our 18-hole course is a fun and challenging way for adults and kids to spend time together with family or friends. Mini Golfers enjoy playing alongside the course's two beautiful waterfalls, fountain, and mini-gardens which bring a little bit of nature's beauty to the game.

Improv Everywhere Covers The Pier 25 Mini Golf Open 


Come Play Mini Golf 
  • Drop in and play!
    We've kept our prices down so that you get to keep a few extra dollars in your pocket:
    $5 for a child's game (13 and under)
    $6 for an adult's game (14 and over)
    Please Note: We accept only cash.

  • What to expect
    We have golf clubs of varying sizes for players of all ages, along with colorful golf balls befitting the light-hearted fun of a day on the water. Players get to enjoy the charming melodies of Motown, Bob Marley, Jimmy Buffet, and the like, as they await their game or drive their golf balls toward the 18th hole.

  • Mini-Golf Parties with family or friends?
    To reserve a party or to find more information, please click here.