Join us at Pier 25 in Hudson River Park

Lower Manhattan's Back Yard!

Mini-Golf: $7                         Mini-Golf Parties                          Beach Volleyball

Hours of Operation:

April 15 - May 15

May 15 - September 15

September 16 - October 15

October 16 -November 15

Winter 2017-2018

March - April 15 
(on nicer Wednesdays through Sundays)

 11 AM - 7 PM* daily

 10 AM - 10 PM* daily

 11 AM - 10 PM* daily

 2 PM - 7 PM Week days*

12 PM - 7PM Week ends*

12 PM - 5 PM, on nicer weekend days*

 12 PM - 6 PM

*We are happy to, and will, stay open later on warmer evenings (above 50 degrees), sunny, and not too windy.  Enjoy those sunsets.

For information dial (347) 756-5813.

Mini-Golf is just $7 for adults and $5 for children. (Cash only.)
Mini-Golf Parties are a great way to reserve space to play with your group.
Beach Volleyball: Court Rentals, Community Volleyball, Youth Volleyball, and League play.  
The Sweet Love Snack Bar--grab a bite after working up an appetite. (Cash Only.)
The Art Shack: Unleash your inner Picasso--weekends from Noon to 5 PM.

Your kids will love Pier 25's playground with swings, lots of water features and things to climb on. Check out our board games and enjoy some family fun in one of the Pier's seating areas. Take in the cool breezes and the Hudson River views at the end of the Pier -- which extends a thousand feet past the edge of the shore!

Manhattan Youth and the Hudson River Park Trust have worked together for years to make the waterfront enjoyable and accessible. In 1995 we converted the old Pier 25, a remnant of Lower Manhattan's shipping and manufacturing heritage, into a family-friendly destination. After 9/11, we relinquished the Pier for heavy debris removal, and we restored it for our community a year later. In the fall of 2005, the Pier closed for demolition and was rebuilt over nearly six years. We were thrilled to welcome our community back to Pier 25 in 2011! We love helping our community gain a respite from concrete and glass.

Send an e-mail to our Pier 25 management team at, or call (347) 756-5813.

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How we use our Pier 25 revenue  
We use our revenue from Pier 25 operations to support Manhattan Youth programs, to assist families in need, and to support the mission of the Hudson River Park Trust.
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