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Premium classes in Cooking, Composting and Science,  provide a more intimate class experience with familiar faces each week.

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Premium Summer Registration Classes
Our Make a Mess Summer Series!  Registration begins June 1st. All classes begin the week of July 9th
Scroll Down for our Family Cooking Summer Pop Ups on July 14th!

Make a Mess Cook and Compost:
Members: $175, Non-members: $210
Mondays: (July 9th - August 20th) 7 classes
Session I: Mondays 10:00AM (ages 18 -30 months) Sold Out 
Session II: Mondays 11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years)

Make a Mess Cook: Treats and Snacks
Members: $175 Non-members: $210
Tuesdays: (July 10th - August 21st) 7 classes
Session I: Tuesdays 10:00AM (ages 18 -30 months)
Session II: Tuesdays  11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years )

Make a Mess: Sensory Science
Members: $175, Non-members: $210
Wednesdays: (July 11th - August 22nd) 7 classes
Session I: Wednesdays 10:00AM (ages 18-30 months)
Session II: Wednesdays 11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years) Sold Out


Make a Mess Cook: Treats and Snacks
Members: $175 Non-members: $210
Thursdays: (July 12th - August 23rd) 7 classes
Session I: Thursdays 10:00AM (ages 18 -30 months)
Session II: Thursdays 11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years )

Family Cooking Summer Pop Ups:  The Center is pleased to offer these special Saturday Cooking Pop Ups with Chiquita, who has extensive experience in catering, cooking and leading classes for all ages. She is the owner and operator of Catering by Coffey, Inc.

Saturday, July 14th:

9:30AM Let's Make Breakfast! (1.5 -2.5 years)

10:30AM  Let's Make Brunch! (2.5 -3.5 years)

12:00PM  Let's Make Lunch! (4-6 years)

All pop ups $30 per child (and their grown up!) To register, visit here.



Class Registration Policies:
Class Registration: You may register for classes online at or in person at the service desk. Some classes require membership for registration, others give members a significant discount. Fee based Drop-in classes are for members only, and can be purchased at the Service Desk on the day of the class. There is no online registration available for drop-ins.

Pro-Rating for Late Starters: When space permits, we will pro-rate the number of classes remaining for some Make a Mess, Digital Media and Bilingual Birdies.

Transfer of Classes: Spaces for transfers are subject to availability.

Single Classes and Trial Classes: You may pay a single class price of $25 for Make a Mess, Swim, and Chouettes Chanson classes, pending availability. Amounts paid for a trial class may be credited towards enrollment to that class.

Withdrawals & Refunds*: If after registering for premium classes at the Center you need to withdraw prior to the start of the 2nd scheduled class, you may receive a refund for the class fee. Class fees are non-refundable after the 2nd scheduled class. Written requests must be made to cancel a class registration by email. *All fees for Preschool Prep are not refundable.
Contact to request a refund.

Make up classes: Manhattan Youth is not responsible for providing makeup classes or issuing credits or refunds for programs missed as a result of client illness, scheduling conflicts, emergencies, or other events beyond our control.

Class Closures: Premium classes, swim classes and Preschool Prep at the Center run on the Public School schedule. These classes do not meet on days in which schools are not in session, including emergency closings.

Register here for Summer Classes as of Friday, June 1st.

Register here for our Summer Family Cooking Pop Ups on Saturday, July 14th