PRONatal Fitness

We've teamed up with PROnatal Fitness to offer you a great way to train for what is truly the "event of a lifetime."  

PROnatal Fitness offers two different prenatal classes - both of which utilize our unique Performance Training Approach to prepare your body more effectively to manage the stresses of pregnancy, demands of childbirth, and physical activities of motherhood.  Our goal is to help you end your pregnancy stronger than when you started - with fewer pains or injuries, an easier labor, and a faster recovery.  Read our class descriptions below.  Both classes are highly modifiable for all fitness levels and stages of pregnancy (and great for new moms too!).  

PROnatal Signature: Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm

Our signature format alternates between pregnancy-safe cardio intervals - to help you (and your little one) maximize the cardiorespiratory aerobic benefits -- and functional strength training drills - to prepare your body to manage the stresses and demands of the pregnancy journey ahead.  Emphasis is placed on proper breathing and core activation throughout.  This class is done in sneakers.


PROnatal Strength Foundations (NEW): Wednesdays at 6:15 - 7:15pm

This strength-centered class helps you first establish a solid foundation of proper alignment, deep core strength, and better movement quality first, then helps you dial up intensity to build strength at a level that's right for you (with hands-on instructor support).  Strength circuits are interspersed with LIIT™ drills (Labor Intensive Interval Training) - our proprietary way of helping you physically and mentally prepare for Stage 1 Labor! This class is done barefoot.


Classes are FREE for MYC members, but require registration.  Email to register