Make A Mess Summer Classes  

Our premium Make A Mess Classes are available for those who would like a small classroom experience with lessons that build on each other.

Available for children and their parents or caregivers at 10AM and 11AM every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Make a Mess Cook and Compost: Savory Snacks                              A summer take on our popular cooking class. After your kids make a savory snack, they'll see the peels and shells go into the composting worm bin and learn more about the growing cycle of food.
Members: $130, Non-members: $160
Mondays: (July 10th - August 14th)  5 classes
Session I: Mondays 10:00AM (ages 18 -30 months)  
Session II: Mondays 11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years) REGISTRATION FULL

Make a Mess Cook and Compost: Tasty Treats                             After your kids make a tasty treat, they'll see the peels, stems, and seeds go into the composting worm bin and learn more about the growing cycle of food.
Members:$155, Non-members: $190
Thursdays: (July 6th - August 17) 6 classes
Session I: Thursdays 10:00AM (ages 18 -30 months)
Session II: Thursdays 11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years ) REGISTRATION FULL

Make a Mess Summer Science:                                                            Mud pies, worms, water and dirt. All the squishy, sticky fun you remember from your own childhood centers, inside our science lab where clean up is on us!
Members: $155, Non-members: $190 
Wednesdays: (July 5th - August 16th) 6 classes
Session I: Wednesdays 10:00AM (ages 18-30 months)
Session II: Wednesdays 11:00AM (ages 2.5-3.5 years)

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