Junior Division FAQs

LOCATION: Where is the Junior Division?
It is based in the air-conditioned PS 234 facility on the corner of Greenwich and Warren Streets. It houses a beautiful gym, an auditorium, spacious classrooms and 2 school yards! The camp also utilizes the Battery Park City Ballfields, Pier 25 as well as our own Downtown Community Center's private pool.

STAFF: Who are the staff at the Downtown Day Camp? 
We are extremely proud of our 3 to 1 overall camper to staff ratio, and every year most of the staff members return to the Downtown Day Camp. Our counselors are high achieving college and high school students.  Equally as important, our counselors are supervised by experienced school teachers and administrators.  We call our supervisors "Team Leaders."

SWIM PROGRAM: How well is the pool supervised? 
One of the things that makes the Downtown Day Camp special is our swim program. We have ten people working at our pool besides the group's counselors. There are 3 swim instructors, 3 certified lifeguards, and 3 teachers assistants-all under the aquatics director's supervision.

SWIM LESSONS: Will my child receive swimming lessons?
Groups go to the pool every day except trip day, which translates to four days per week (children entering kindergarten go twice a week). The time is divided into swimming lessons and supervised free swim. The lessons consist of skills from Water Exploration and Adjustment to Stroke Development and Refinement. The free-swim time is as important as the lessons, so kids practice the skills they learn. In the lessons, the swimming class is grouped by swimming ability. Each group that comes to the pool is divided into three classes based on the skills they demonstrate on their first day of camp. If a child is placed in an incorrect swimming group, or makes progress faster than the rest of the class, he/she will be moved.

TRANSPORTATION: Can children take a bus to the Downtown Day Camp? 
Yes. There is morning and evening transportation to and from the Downtown Day Camp. We have different buses covering Lower Manhatan (see brochure, application form or click here for bus stops and times). There are bus counselors who care for the children and do not dismiss them unless there's an adult waiting to take them off of the bus at the stop. *Please note there is no bus service during our "Add-On Weeks," however, previous bus campers receive free Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up extended camp ours if they register for Add-On Weeks.

EARLY/LATE OPTIONS: Can I drop off my child before 9AM? Or pick up after 5PM? 
Yes. We offer early drop-off and late pick-up for an extra fee. You can drop off your child at camp between 8:00 and 8:45 AM, and/or pick up between 5:15 and 6:00 PM. General arrival time for most campers is 9 AM, and dismissal is 5 PM.

ACTIVITIES: How do our camps offer a suburban camp curriculum in New York City?
In addition to our own Downtown Community Center, private swimming pool and PS 234 right next door, we also have permits for use of the beautiful baseball and soccer fields in Battery Park City, Hudson River Park and on Pier 25.

ACTIVITIES: What activities do campers participate in? 
Our extensive program consists of indoor and outdoor activities. In addition to swim lessons, we offer art, tennis, karate, science, drumming, dance, lego construction classes and so much more. Our athletic director (a full-time elementary school P.E. teacher) and his staff coordinate field sports instruction and games at the ball fields and in the gym.

ACTIVITIES: Is the Junior Division camp mostly sports? 
We offer a variety of activities, including an extensive athletics program at outdoor ball fields and in our gym, but we are not exclusively a sports camp. Our athletic department, headed by an elementary school P.E. teacher, focuses on instruction and emphasizes fun, but that is all part of a well-rounded program.  We have two different types of art class, movement, song shows, drumming, swimming, and more. We offer many specialties all rolled into one fantastic program.