Arts & Sciences Curriculum

We are very proud of our extensive Arts & Sciences Program, which includes the following: Visual Arts, Craft Making, Ooey Gooey Science, Animal Hour, Lego Construction, West African Drumming, Movement and Dance, and Camper On-Stage Performances.

Fun With Science Classes!
Ooey Gooey Science, Lego Construction, and Animal Hour are among the new "Fun With Science" activities we offer. From gooey globs to exploding volcanoes, from building bridges to learning how to care for animals, we're bringing the science fun to camp!

Visual Arts
Campers get their creative juices flowing under the guidance of our experienced art teachers in Studio 1. Whether it is sketching with charcoal, painting like Matisse, sculpting with putty, and more. Our campers produce and bring home beautiful works of art throughout the summer.

Teachers and campers in Studio 2 explore fun craft-making projects with wood, tile, beads, clay, heavy paper, felt, pom-poms and more! These multi-dimensional pieces will be sure to brighten up your summer!

Music and Drumming
Our music program encourages children to get in the groove. It also introduces campers to the rhythms of West African drums. From improvising beats to accompanying stories to jamming and having a great time, campers love our music program.

Movement and Dance
Movement and dance build coordination and flexibility, while encouraging creative expression. Our movement specialist brings years of teaching experience to the high-energy sessions that are fun for both girls and boys! We like to keep movin' to the music at the Junior Division!

Song Shows
Always a favorite part of camp for both kids and parents, our famous Junior Division song shows light up the auditorium each season. Families and friends are invited to watch each group of campers in a fun group sing-a-long. You won't want to miss it!