Swimming takes place in our private Downtown Community Center pool. Beth, our Aquatics Director, works with us year-round. When it comes to learning how to swim in a safe, fun and positive environment, Beth knows how to make it all happen!

Learning to swim is an integral part of our summer camp programs. (We are, after all, on an island!) Our experienced aquatics team follows a time-tested curriculum, allowing children to learn at their own pace in groups based on ability. We offer a firm foundation for beginners, and challenge more experienced swimmers to learn proper strokes and techniques as well.

Our swim staff includes three certified swimming instructors, three American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards, three teaching assistants, and our aquatics director. In total, we have over ten full-time staff on deck at our pool, not including each group's counselors, who assist and make sure your child is safe and having fun while learning how to swim.

Swim classes are comprised of, on average, six to eight children, one instructor, one instructor's aide, and one of the group's counselors who is with the campers all day and knows them well. In addition to our highly structured swim lessons, supervised free-swim time is an important part of the learning process. It is an excellent way for kids to practice what they learn in class.

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