Middle School Summer Program

The Middle School Summer Program ended with a bang! Students produced 9 short films, dissected and constructed their own flowers in Earth Science club, wrote and performed monologues and scenes in front of an audience, made ice cream, salsa, and cookies ‘n’ cream brownies in Cooking club, went on a Central Park scavenger hunt and art museum tour, made a trip to the Bronx Zoo for Zoology club, visited the Native American Museum and participated in an interactive show, built a robot out of Legos that entertains cats, and much, much more. There were so many trips, performances, and events that we can only fit a fraction of it into this post. It was a very fun summer with the kids.

The performing arts classes put on a show of original monologues, scenes, and comedy sketches. One camper even made his stand up comedy debut!

The filmmaking camp had a culminating showing of all of their films. Friends and families packed the Center’s Great Hall to watch the films. Over an hour’s worth of short films made by students in 4 weeks? Even we’re surprised and impressed.

Click the link below to watch our brand new films.
MY Movies Presents!
The Manhattan Youth Middle School Summer Program is funded in part by the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development.

Manhattan Youth on NY1!

New York’s favorite news team, NY1, paid a visit to our Middle School Summer Program this week. We were thrilled to host them.

In the news segment, they called our program a model for the city’s new after-school funding initiative. “As the city expands after-school to serve every middle school student,” the Manhattan Youth After-School formula is one “officials hope to replicate city-wide.”

Click on the image to watch the report–and once it begins playing, double click the video to make it full screen.

Manhattan Youth Middle School Summer Filmmaking Program

Our Free Summer Camp Still Has Space Available


We are very excited for the second year of our Middle School Summer Program. It runs from July 7th to August 1st and is free for all students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

We’ve got five areas of focus from sports to performing arts, S.T.E.M. to filmmaking–with many new class offerings. Cooking is one of our most popular classes. But we’ve also got art, fun academics, and even a literary magazine!

For more info, visit our website and check out this awesome article in The Broadsheet Daily.Middle-School-Summer-Zoo

More Championships for Manhattan Youth

Manhattan Youth’s I.S. 289 Lady Cougars are NYC Middle School Champions!

The city volleyball championship match took place June 10th, and it was a nail-biter. The Cougars topped off an amazing season by narrowly defeating our friends and defending champions, M.A.T., in straight sets, 26-24 and 25-23. What a game!
2014 Cougar Volleyball City Champions

Congratulations to our 2014 Championship Lady Cougars!
Coach Olivia Johnson
Eighth graders
Seventh graders
Sixth grader

Come Break a World Record with Us!

We’re at it again.

Last year, we helped break the world record for the world’s largest swim lesson. And we’re teaming up with countless other organizations again to set the bar a little higher.

The event is free for all Community Center Members, but you must register to participate. Drop by at 120 Warren St. to sign up!
Manhattan Youth breaking World Records

Join thousands of kids and families at aquatic facilities and waterparks around the globe for The World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ on June 20, 2014. We’re breaking the Guinness World Record™ to spread the word that Swimming Lessons Save Lives.™ Don’t miss the chance to participate in this record-breaking event and help prevent drowning, the leading cause of injury-related death of children ages 1-5.

Three Brides Walk into a Pier…

Last week, Trash(ed in) the Dress played a round of Mini-Golf on our Pier 25 course.

Trash(ed in) the Dress attends events and visits iconic NYC locations dressed in their wedding gowns. They’re a group of “married New York girls who don’t feel like once was enough. Wedding dresses are meant to be worn, and we are going to have a good time wearing ours–wherever we feel like it.”

Their trip to the Pier was documented in a lovely blog post on their site. We just LOVE these fun-loving, putting brides!

Click here to read their story.

Brides at Pier 25

More News on Our Teen Community Service Program

Our new program, and our teen volunteers, are making news!

On the heels of our first teen volunteer guest blog post comes some great press from The Broadsheet.

Zebi Williams, who runs the Teen Community Service Program, told The Broadsheet, “We recognized the need among teens in Lower Manhattan, who are required to log volunteer hours in order to graduate. But we also need to create a way for teens to reinvest themselves in the community.” Bob Townley, executive director of Manhattan Youth added, “It’s very important for kids to realize that we all live within communities. When they get older, this translates into many other things that can enrich their lives and make the world a better place. But the practice of giving back has to begin when they are young.”

It’s a lovely article by The Broadsheet. Read the full text here.

First Guest Blogger and an Intro to Our Internship Program

Today marks the first post by a our first guest blogger. In this piece, Amelia Eigerman explores what Manhattan Youth gives to our students–and what it can give to our new interns as well!

As a kid, there are a few common threads in your life. You know who’s going to pick you up from school, you know Friday is pizza night, and you know that every time you see your extended family, literally every time, you’re going to have to answer the dreaded question: “So, what do you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe you have an answer. Maybe you’re focused, prepared, and you know just how you’re going to spend the rest of your life. Maybe you have a plan. I certainly don’t. If you’re like me, it can get a bit frustrating.
Amelia Eigerman, guest bogger
I’ve answered that question many times and I’ve had about as many answers. In the past fourteen years I’ve been a teacher, writer, public relations specialist, artist, surgeon, pediatrician, research scientist, and engineer, sometimes all of them at once.

There’s a lot of pressure on kids from a very young age to know what they want to do with their lives, but they almost never get the chance to actually TRY any of it out. Sure, if they want to do arithmetic for the rest of their lives then they’ve had ample opportunity for practice, but when is a kid going to get to test run being a teacher? Or learn to choreograph a dance? Almost never. It’s so special to find a place where kids can just have fun and figure out what they’re passionate about. That’s kind of what the Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center is.

I love art. I love looking at it, talking about it, but mostly I love creating it. I love fashion design, jewelry making, writing, video, photography, silk screening, ceramics and just about anything else you can think of. Since I was old enough to hold a crayon I’ve been drawing, painting and just creating.

Amelia Eigerman, guest bogger

When I was younger Manhattan Youth’s programs gave me a place to explore my creativity. I could go to After-School clubs and learn skills I could never possibly have known otherwise. In my ceramics class I went from pinch pots to full on sculptures. It was amazing for me to have a place where I could literally see my progress sitting in front of me in a line of clay marvels. Looking back now at what I made, I wouldn’t say it’s the most beautiful stuff, but I was so proud of myself in those moments and that’s pretty beautiful all by itself.
Amelia Eigerman, guest bogger
Those ceramics classes gave me a chance to explore my creativity in one way, but now, about five years later, they’ve helped me yet again. I’m lucky enough to get to be one of the first volunteer interns in the Manhattan Youth After-School programs, assisting in a ceramics class. I get to be back in such a great environment, plus I get to explore another possibility: Teaching. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but maybe this internship will help me figure it out!

Written by: Amelia Eigerman
Photo Credit: Amelia Eigerman

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Spring is here and so is our Spring Team Weeks program, sponsored by Modell’s!

Modell’s is happy to offer all Manhattan Youth Members a 15% Team Weeks discount on regular AND sales priced merchandise beginning May 2nd through June 19th throughout all New York based stores. Modell’s will also donate 5% of all Manhattan Youth Team Weeks sales directly back to our organization! Please feel free to use and re-use the coupon for all your sporting needs!

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Join us for the 2014 Downtown Community Awards

It is our great pleasure to invite you to our next special event. It promises to be a great one. Click the included link for tickets.
2014 Downtown Community Awards






Wendy Chapman 
for her outstanding dedication to our community’s children and their education.
Michael Clark          Frank DiOrio
Derick Henry           Jose Velez
James Willie            David DiGiacomo
for their terrific stewardship of the P.S. 89 and I.S. 289 physical plant and their commitment to the children of our community.

Thursday, May 15, 2014
Honoree Reception – 7:00 PM
Downtown Community Awards Presentation – 7:30 PM*
Reception, Dinner Buffet, Live Music – 8:00 PM

A benefit for Lower Manhattan Families in Need

And introducing Manhattan Youth’s new Teens in Community Service Program

Manhattan Youth Downtown Community Center
120 Warren St.
New York City 10007

Click here for tickets.

*Special performance by the Manhattan Youth Players of “It’s a Hard-knock Life” from their recent production of the Broadway musical Annie - a product of the Manhattan Youth After-School Program at I.S. 276.

The people who keep our city and state together.
Mayor Bill de Blasio
Hon. Sheldon Silver
Hon. Scott Stringer
Hon. Gale Brewer
Hon. Daniel Squadron
Hon. Deborah Glick
Hon. Margaret Chin
CB1 Chair Catherine Mcvay Hughes

Since 1986, Manhattan Youth has granted need-based subsidies that enable lower-income working families to gain access to quality after-school care, and to help families in crisis due to job loss, illness or divorce. Manhattan Youth grants a combined $1 million in assistance to families and free programs each year for children, seniors and others.
Manhattan Youth’s mission is to provide the highest quality childcare, plus academic, recreation and cultural activities, to individuals and families who live or work in Lower Manhattan, regardless of their income.
No family has ever been turned away from Manhattan Youth childcare programs because of an inability to pay.
Thank you for helping us keep it that way!