Elementary Schools:

P.S. 89


P.S. 234


P.S. 150

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P.S. 397

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P.S. 276

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P.S. 343

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Other Elementary Schools

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Middle Schools:

I.S. 289

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I.S. 276

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School Holiday Programs:

K-5 Vacation Camp

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Middle School Summer Program

 Description | Space is limited. Email Leyna for availability.

Signing up... 

To sign up for one of our after-school programs, click the "registration" link under your child's school. If your child does not attend one of these schools, you may sign up for our after-school program at the Downtown Community Center.

To see the weekly schedule of our activity offerings at a glance, please click on the "programs" button under your child's school.


Class descriptions are available within the registration process.