Yorkville East Middle School

Welcome to Manhattan Youth at Yorkville East Middle School! Joining this program gives your child a safe place to go every day after school where he or she can complete homework assignments, play sports, perform in plays, debate, create, collaborate and so much more!

Fall Session Dates:
September 12, 2018 - November 21, 2018

Registration will open up later in August 2018
Please check back in for updates and registration link.

How To Register
If you have not done so already, please complete the after-school registration packet and medical form in it's entirety in order to register your student for after-school. Please note that if any section in the packet is left blank, the forms will be rejected and at that point, your child's spot in after-school can not be guaranteed.

Once you're done, these forms can be emailed back in PDF form or mailed to:

Jesse Igbokwe
Program Director
Manhattan Youth
25 Broadway 9th Floor
New York, NY 10004

First Day of After-School is September 12th 2018
After-school activities begin at 3:20pm. Snack is provided in the cafeteria free of charge. Students who do not check in with after-school staff by 3:30pm will not be permitted to stay in the school building. Students are not allowed to leave the building and return to after-school.

If you know your child will be absent from after-school, please email the Program Director. We expect activities to fill up quickly, followed by a full waiting list. If a student wishes to change their schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a written request from a parent/guardian must be sent to the Program Director. Students must not simply stop attending or switch activities without written consent.

More Resources
Click Here For The Yorkville East Fall Schedule & Descriptions
Click Here For DYCD Enrollment Forms

Contact Information
Jesse Igbokwe
Program Director
Manhattan Youth
Yorkville East Middle School

Check out our Fall Schedule Below:
All Classes, days and times are subject to change

1st Session (3:30-4:40) 2nd Session (4:45-5:55)
Activity Activity
ELA Silent Study Lab  Strategy Games 
STEM Silent Study Lab  Guitar 
Creative Writing: 'Pac and Poetry Step Team 
Soccer  Soccer 
Hip Hop Dance   
1st Session (3:30-4:40) 2nd Session (4:45-5:55)
Activity Activity
Silent Study Lab  Stage Make Up 
Theatre  Bucket Drumming 
Debate  Cheer Squad 
Science Olympiad  Silent Study Lab 
Social Justice Warriors   
Basketball: Skills and Drills  
1st Session (3:30-4:40) 2nd Session (4:45-5:55)
Activity Activity
Fencing  Varsity/JV Girls Volleyball 
Silent Study Lab  Spielberg & Snacks 
Cooking  Cooking 
Skateboarding  Gymnastics 
Recess Games   
Ted ED   
1st Session (3:30-4:40) 2nd Session (4:45-5:55)
Activity Activity
ELA Silent Study Lab  DC v Marvel 
STEM Silent Study Lab  Musical Theatre 
Varsity/ JV Girls Volleyball  Graphic Design 
Cross Country  Flag Football 
Comic Book Art   
1st Session (3:30-4:40) 2nd Session (4:45-5:55)
Activity Activity
Basketball: Skills and Drills  Open Gym 
Step Team  Strategy Games 
Spielberg & Snacks  Bop it! Twist It! Build it! 
Silent Study Lab