Spruce Street School After-School Activities   


Welcome to a world of sports, arts, homework help and other extracurricular activities! Joining the Manhattan Youth After-School Program at The Spruce Street School gives your child a safe place to go every day after school where he or she can complete homework assignments, play for the school's sports teams, perform full-length plays, learn to code, and more.        

If you know your child will be absent from After-School, please email the Site Director. We expect activities to fill up quickly, and for there to be a waiting list. If a student is absent from an activity without a note from a parent/guardian, he/she may lose his/her slot. If a student wishes to change his/her schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian. Students must not simply stop coming to activities.

Daily Schedule
After-school activities begin at 2:30pm. Students have 10 minutes to gather their things and get what they need for after-school. Snack is provided in the cafeteria from 3:00 - 3:15 pm. Students who do not check in with an after-school staff member by 2:30 pm will not be permitted in the school building.

Winter 2017 SCHEDULE


Monday -  
3:15-4:30 Lego Robotics 4:30 -5:45 Boys BBall Team*
3:15-4:30 Study Lab  4:30-5:45 DIY 
3:15-4:30 Flagfootball Clinic 4:30-5:45 Cheerleading*
Tuesday -  
3:15-4:30 Physical Fitness 4:30-5:45 Basketball Clinic
3:15-5:45 Cooking 4:30-5:45 Girls BBall Team*
3:15-4:30 Spartan News 4:30-5:45 Coding
Wednesday -  
3:15-4:30 Flagfootball Clinic 4:30-5:45 Cheerleading*
3:15 -4:30 DIY 4:30-5:45 Improv
3:15- 4:30 Running Club 4:30-5:45 Intramural Sports
Thursday -  
3:15-4:30 Cooking 4:30-5:45 Game Design 
3:15-4:30 Intramural Sports 4:30-5:45 Boys BBall Team*
3:15 -4:30 Art Portfolio 4:30-5:45 Filmmaking
Friday -  
3:15-4:30 Community Action Project 4:30-5:45 Basketball Clinic
3:15-4:30 Running Club 4:30-5:45 Girls BBall Team*

3:15-4:30 Theater*

4:30-5:45 Theater*


* signifies the club is a double period and students must attend both periods. Girls Basketball Team, Boys Basketball Team and Cheerleading, you must attend both days it is offered.

Please direct any questions you may have to the PS 397 Site Director:
Noelle Safar
212.766.1104 ext. 252 (Office)
917.751.4972 (During After-School Hours)