Manhattan Youth After-School Programs operate onsite at P.S. 234, 89, 150, 276, 397, 343, The Ella Baker School, I.S. 276, I.S. 289, Lower Manhattan Community Middle School, Salk School of Science, Clinton School for Writers and Artists, East Side Middle School, PPAS, Quest to Learn, City Knoll, Lab Middle School, Simon Baruch Middle School, Yorkville East, Anderson, Computer School and the Downtown Community Center. Each site has a separate activity schedule, and not all activities are offered at every school. If you have specific questions about programming that are not addressed below, please click here to find the contact information for the site director of your child's school. Register for the After-School program.

Does my child need to attend After-School every day?
No! Our program is extremely flexible. Parents can customize their after-school schedule, from one day to five days per week, one class to two classes per day, in any configuration.

How much does it cost?
Elementary School (K-5 grade) After-School includes one Class and one Choice Time activity per day. Middle School (6-8) is funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development, for middle school information, please see the link associated with your child's middle school. You may choose to replace daily Choice Time with an additional class as an "add-on." Tuition is based on your child's total number of classes per week.

Classes per week

2017-18 Monthly Tuition

1  $        170
2  $        290
3  $        375
4  $        390
5  $        415
6  $        490
7  $        565
8  $        640
9  $        715
10  $        790


What if I don't want to sign up for the second period Choice Time because I plan to pick up immediately after class every day?
Our online registration system requires an entry in both periods of the day for each day you are enrolled. Even if you plan on picking up early every day, please select Choice Time as your second period choice. There is no fee for Choice Time and you are always welcome to pick up before it begins.

How does my child get to the After-School program? Do I have to pick him/her up at school dismissal to bring him/her there?
Children enrolled in the After-School program are dismissed directly to Manhattan Youth staff by their classroom teachers at the end of the school day. There is no need to pick up your child before After-School. Please remember to let your child's classroom teacher know which days he or she will be attending the Manhattan Youth After-School Program.

What happens each day in the After-School program?
After-School care begins when the regular school day ends. Manhattan Youth staff members accept the children directly from their classroom teachers and bring them to their meeting places. Every child receives snack - usually consisting of apples, bananas, and pretzel rods. We separate the children into groups and our club teachers pick them up to escort them to an activity room, along with one of our counselors. After arrival and snack, the children participate in one of our "clubs", which are the activities that you select on the registration form. These classes typically last for an hour and fifteen minutes, after which the club teachers and counselors escort the children back to their meeting places, where they break up into different groupings for what we refer to as "choice" or "variety" time, in one of our open play spaces, schoolyards, cafeterias or gyms. Activities during the second part of the afternoon are organized and supervised by our counselors, and include sports, games, arts & crafts and homework help, depending on the age group.

Where does the After-School program take place?
After-School activities usually take place onsite at the same school that the child attends during the day. Some exceptions to this may be if the child attends one of our Community Center activities, including swimming, ceramics, circus, filmmaking, music production and others. The Downtown Community Center is located at 120 Warren Street between Greenwich and West Streets, adjacent to P.S. 234, across the street from P.S. 89, and two blocks from P.S. 150. Children attending community center activities are escorted there from their schools by Manhattan Youth staff. If your child attends a community center activity, you must pick him or her up at the Downtown Community Center on that day.

When does the After-School program take place?
The Manhattan Youth After-School Program is open from school dismissal until 5:50pm almost every day that school is in session. In the 2016-17 school year, the elementary after-school program will begin on Friday, September 9, 2016, and will end Friday, June 23, 2017. The middle school after-school program will begin Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

We follow the regular public school calendar. If school is open, After-School is open. If school is closed, we're closed. If school is cancelled due to an emergency situation, so are our After-School programs. However, if the Department of Education cancels its extended day program in the middle of the day due to weather conditions, our staff will still be on hand to run programming until all parents can arrive to pick up their children.

What time should I pick up my child?
The After-School program ends at 5:50pm every day. Club activities run until 4:40. The best time to pick up is between 5:00pm and 5:50pm so as not to interrupt club activities. Families who do not pick up their children by 5:50pm will receive late charges of $1 per minute.

Is there After-School every day that school is in session?
In the 2016-17 school year, the elementary after-school program will begin on Friday, September 9, 2016, and will end Friday, June 23, 2017. The middle school after-school program will begin Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Is there After-School on half days?
If school is open, After-School is open, including half days*.
On half days, our staff is present at school dismissal (usually around noon) to run special activities with the children until 3:30pm, when normal After-School programming resumes. We recommend that parents who do not need the childcare on those days pick up their children at noon. These are long days, and our program does not have access to most of the school facilities, particularly during parent/teacher conferences. Students who are not enrolled in the program for a day on which a half day occurs may sign up for half-day emergency care for an additional fee. Emergency care is only available to families currently enrolled in After-School.

*Please note: If there is a half-day for just Kindergarten or Pre-K, we do not have access to the school building before regular dismissal time and will not be able to offer early pick up. Students may return to the building at the regular program start time to participate with the older students.

Is there After-School during school holidays?
The After-School program is not open during holidays or DOE school closing days, but we do offer a series of "Holiday Camps" during Winter Recess (December), Midwinter Recess (February) and Spring Break (April). These camps are not included in After-School tuition.

If the school is closed for a snow day, but the weather isn't that bad, is there After-School?
If the DOE closes school for the day, After-School is closed. If school is open during the day, After-School is open, even if the DOE cancels its afternoon activities.

The After-School class I selected ends at 4:40. What does my child do after that?
After 4:40, club teachers and counselors escort the children back to their meeting places, where they break up into different groupings for what we refer to as "choice" or "variety" time, in one of our open play spaces, schoolyards, cafeterias or gyms. Activities during the second part of the afternoon are organized and supervised by our counselors, and include sports, games, arts & crafts and homework help, depending on the age group. Parents also have the option of signing their child up for a second club instead of opting for choice time.

Who will be caring for my child after school?
Our After-School staff is made up of a combination of experienced child-care program directors, classroom teachers, coaches, teaching artists, activity specialists and counselors, several of whom work at each school during the school day. Many of our teachers and staff have been with us for several years.

What are some of the After-School activities in which my child can participate?
Each of our After-School sites offers a slightly different menu of activities. It is our intention to offer each age group a selection of athletic, creative and intellectually engaging activities every day. Please view your child's school's After-School application page online for a daily schedule of activities.

Who can enroll in the After-School program?
To enroll in one of our school-based After-School programs, a child must already be enrolled in the school of the program they wish to attend. Children from any school, public or private, are welcome to register for activities that take place at the Downtown Community Center. (A parent or caregiver must escort the child from his or her school.) Here is a listing of After-School activities available to the general community at the Downtown Community Center.

Who needs the After-School program?
Our After-School programs exist primarily to assist working parents with their child-care needs. We strive to provide a safe and enriching environment for all of our children and staff to interact in. Some people choose to take advantage of the variety of enriching "clubs" offered even though they may have other means of basic child-care available. We welcome parents and children with a variety of needs in our programs, and remind everyone that the enriching "clubs" are a secondary priority to the care and safety of all program participants.

How many days per week should I enroll my kindergartener?
Every child is different. Some children entering kindergarten have been in preschool for three years, are almost six years old, and crave activity with their peers every afternoon. Other children are only four years old, and will be away from parents or one-on-one babysitting for the first time in their lives, and need to ease into the school routine. Kindergarteners generally become accustomed to After-School very quickly, and enjoy the different types of activities offered after 3pm. Many of our kindergarteners attend the program up to five days per week.

Some months have fewer school days than others. Is the tuition prorated for shorter months?
For the convenience of parents and families, we split the After-School tuition into ten equal payments, for which we invoice monthly. Your bill will be the same every month, no matter how long or short the month is.

My child was sick last week. Can I schedule a makeup After-School class?
We do not reschedule classes.

What do I do if I need emergency childcare on a day that my child is not enrolled in the After-School program?
If you are enrolled in the After-School program, and in an emergency you need childcare on a day during which your child is not normally enrolled, you can call your Site Director to request an extra day for a fee of $40. Emergency care is now available on Half Days for a fee of $75.

How do I enroll in a Manhattan Youth After-School program?
Go to Registration to fill out our online form. We are no longer accepting paper forms.