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If you have questions about programming, or to change your child's After-School schedule, please contact the site director at your child's school.

Theseus Roche
Director of After-School Programs
E-mail Theseus
212.766.1104 x225
Constance Tarbox
Director of Elementary After-School Programs
E-mail Constance
212.766.1104 x265
Susan Forrest 
Site Director, PS 89
Administrative Contact, PS 150 Grades 2-5
E-mail Susan
212.571.2392 (at program)
Lamont Williams
Site Director, PS 225
E-mail Lamont
Nicole Holt
Site Director, PS 234
Administrative Contact, PS 150 Grades K-1
E-mail Nicole
212.766.1104 x239 (before 2pm)
212.385.9864 (at program)
Rachel Sacco 
Site Director, PS 276
E-mail Rachel
212.766.1104 x226 (before 2pm)
646.592.1233 (at program)
Mae-Sue Guery
Site Director, PS 343
E-mail Mae-Sue
212.766.1104 x261 (before 2pm)
646.627.4687 (at program)
Nora McCormick
Site Director, PS 397
E-mail Nora
212.766.1104 x252 (before 2pm)
917.751.4972 (at program)
Susan Kay 
Site Director, Other Elementary Schools
& the Downtown Community Center

E-mail Susan
212.766.1104 x259

Jamie Parganos
Site Director, IS 225
E-mail Jamie
Danielle Blake
Site Director, IS 276
E-mail Danielle
Leyna Madison
Site Director, IS 289
& The Middle School Summer Program
E-mail Leyna
Alex Fraiha
Site Director, MS 114 (ESMS)
E-mail Alex
Kim Waldon
Site Director, MS 225 (SALK)
Email Kim
Matt Grant
Site Director, MS 260 (Clinton)
E-mail Matt
Rachel Oakes
Site Director, MS 408 (PPAS)
E-mail Rachel
Cody Kriegsman
Site Director, MS 422 (Quest)

E-mail Cody

Manhattan Youth 

Downtown Community Center
120 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007
P 212.766.1104
F 212.766.3980

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