After-School Classes at the Downtown Community Center

Our after-school program at the Downtown Community Center offers two distinct options for children to participate in the highest quality after-school activities available anywhere.

Sign up for the afternoon
Parents whose children who do not attend one of the downtown public schools but need childcare in addition to enrichment activities may enroll in our after-school program at the Downtown Community Center, 120 Warren Street, adjacent to PS 234. Parents arrange drop-off for their children at the Community Center, where they participate in many of our most popular after-school activities (see the list below). In addition to the selected daily activity, each child has a chance to complete homework assignments and play games with friends. The program runs through 5:50 PM every day. Sign up here.

Sign up for just a class
Parents who just want to sign up for classes "a la carte" for which they drop off their children and pick them up at the end of class, can enroll through our Community Center Program. (Center Members receive significant discounts on these classes.)
Sign up for individual classes.

The following list contains all the classes that take place after school at the Center. Please note that the additional fees listed are in addition to monthly after-school tuition.