Elementary After-School Parent Advisory Meeting -- March 16
We want to hear from you! Every year, we ask parents to get involved to give us the feedback we need to make continual improvements to our Elementary After-School programs. It is only with your help that we can provide your children with the programs that they need.

This is your chance to:
   - Let us know how we're doing
   - Talk to us about your child's experience with us
   - Give us suggestions for new activities

In attendance:
Bob Townley, Executive Director
Theseus Roche, Director of After-School Programs
Constance Tarbox, Director of Elementary After-School Programs
Susan Forrest, Site Director - PS 89 / PS 150
Joann Boisseau, Site Director - PS 225 (Ella Baker)
Jason Lumpkin, Site Director - PS 234
Ging Vann, Site Director - PS 276
Mae-Sue Guery, Site Director - PS 343 (Peck Slip)
Noelle Safar, Site Director - PS 397 (Spruce)
Moises Cordero, Site Director - Downtown Community Center
School-Age Child Care will be Provided - Please reserve a ticket for each child so we know how many staff we need!
March 16 at the Downtown Community Center, 120 Warren St, NYC