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In 30 years, we have grown from offering a weekend sports program to offering a schedule of nearly 500 classes and events per week across multiple facilities in Lower Manhattan.  

Our fifteen current Manhattan Youth After-School Programs are integral to each child's public-school education, providing a rich balance of arts, athletics and academic enrichment activities on every day that school is in session. Our School Vacation Camps and our age- and interest-differentiated summertime Downtown Day Camps provide families with all-day children's programming when school is not in session. In addition, we operate sports leagues, aquatics programs, art programs, and music programs. We mount full-scale theater productions of classic plays and original works by our teens, dance productions involving kids of all ages, and in the warmer months we offer a great getaway on Pier 25 in Hudson River Park, where you can enjoy great Mini-Golf, Beach Volleyball, and delicious food from our Sweet Love Snack Bar.

We provide nearly $600,000 in after-school assistance to families in need and free after-school programs, and an additional $300,000 in free and subsidized programs each year to Seniors, Teens, families and adults; programs that stimulate, educate, and build community in a safe, secure environment. We consistently balance our annual budget of more than $8 million, and we must continue to expand over the next several years to meet our community's growing needs.

Manhattan Youth is a remarkable story of people who love their community and come together to get things done - through a mixture of hard work, positive energy and good humor. Our volunteer Board of Directors and our hundreds of staff members use these tools every day to care for our children, families, Seniors, teens and everyone as we continue to build and grow with our community.

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Manhattan Youth is Lower Manhattan's largest provider of quality childcare to families, regardless of their ability to pay.

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