Meet our Staff Leaders

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Bob Townley Founder and Executive Director
Russ Schulman, PhD Associate Executive Director 
Alex Roche Chief Operating Officer
Director, Downtown Community Center
Helen Mango Comptroller
Theseus Roche Director of After-School Programs
Jim Hopkins Director of Development
Mona Lombardi Registrar
Beth Brown Aquatics Director
Lamont Williams Athletic Director
Toby Young Manager, Pier 25 Programs


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We Care 

Manhattan Youth has assembled an incredibly dedicated staff, all of whom are focused on caring for children, families, teens, seniors and people from all walks of life in Lower Manhattan. Over half of our senior staff members have been with Manhattan Youth for more than a decade, as have many of our teachers and counselors. Our staff's long tenure is reflective of the genuine dedication to caring for our community that each staff member - and our entire organization - brings to work every day.