Corporate, Foundation and Governmental Donors
(over $5,000 in support as of 2/15/18)

Rodney Company 
New York City Regional Center
Blue Zees Real Estate
Public Support 
Lower Manhattan Development
US Department of Housing and
Urban Development

NYC Department of Youth and
Community Development

NY State Office of Children and
Family Services
Public Support (Continued) 
  * Hon. Deborah Glick 
    Hon. Margaret Chin
    FEMA Federal Emergency
    Management Agency

Special Thanks
  * David Bouley

     Elizabeth Williams Studio 

* Also on Founders Wall



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You Care, Too! 

We are honored that you, our donors and sponsors, have chosen to join in partnership with us to care for our community. We have many individual donors whom we acknowledge in print and on our Annual Donor Wall in our Center, however we have omitted the names of private individuals from our website due to privacy concerns. If you know of others who wish to join in supporting Manhattan Youth, please direct them to Support Manhattan Youth on our website or call Jim Hopkins at 212-766-1104 ext. 232.