Open Play Spaces

Great Hall: Our Great Hall is open daily for kids, parents and caregivers to spend time together. With seating, play space and microwave available, families are encouraged to bring snacks and interact with old and new friends. On the weekends, The Great Hall is home to play with Imagination Playground and Saturday Family Movie Night (every other night at 4:30PM).

MY Clubhouse: Full of toys, climbing structures, books, toys and helpful staff, the clubhouse is a wonderful cozy place to spend time moving, learning and making friends in an open setting.

Summer at the Center: Our Great Hall and Clubhouse will include activities like freeze dance, storytime, music concerts and more.

MY Lounge: Our Lounge area has tables, cushy chairs and carpeted floors for a rest on your way to ceramics, music, cooking, Digital Media or art. Perfect for an indoor hangout away from the bustle of the city!