Lower Manhattan Community Middle School


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If you know your child will be absent from After-School, please email the program director: rachel@manhattanyouth.org or call (917)565-7196. If a student is absent from an activity without a note from a parent/guardian, he/she may lose his/her slot in that activity. If a student wishes to change his/her schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian. Students must not simply stop coming to activities. 

LMC Middle School Sports Teams 
Fall Sports (September - November): Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Flag Football and Basketball Clinic 
Winter Sports (November - March): Boys & Girls Basketball, Table Tennis
Spring Sports (March - June): Track & Field, Girls Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee

Daily Schedule 
After-school activities begin directly after school. Students have 10 minutes to gather their things and get what they need for after-school. Snack is provided in the cafeteria. Students who do not check in with an after-school staff member by the beginning of the first club session will not be permitted into program. ***Students MAY NOT leave the building between the end of the school day and beginning of afterschool. Students who leave the building will not be permitted back into program for that day.***  

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Activity Selection Spring 2018
START DATE: Monday, March 12, 2018 / END DATE: Friday, June 22, 2018   開始: 312 / 結束:622

After School begins promptly after school day dismissal. Students must sign up for a first session
activity in order to participate in a second session activity. 

MONDAY 3:00-4:25 4:25-5:50
Homework Zone                 課後班 Independent Reading              獨立閱讀
Minecraft Challenge         「我的世界」挑戰 Minecraft Opensource            「我的世界」進階
Table Tennis                       桌球 Table Tennis                              桌球
Volleyball*                          排球* Volleyball*                                 排球*
Rock Band                           樂隊 Introduction to Dance Technique
Food Science Competitive Dance2                    舞蹈競賽2
Performance Dance       舞蹈表演 Newspaper                        報紙編輯
TUESDAY 3:30-4:40 4:40-5:50
Literacy Lab                       英語文學 Physical Fitness                          體適能
M.Y. Time M.Y. Time
BattleBots                          樂高機器人 Cooking                                        烹飪
FluidEdge Dance                身體律動 Afterschool Council                    學生議會
Track (Running Events)    田徑 DJ'ing with Amanda
Art Portfolio1                                藝術檔案1    
WEDNESDAY 3:00-4:25 4:25-5:50
Homework Zone                課後班 Independent Reading                獨立閱讀
Video Game Design          電玩遊戲設計 Coding                                          數位編碼
Table Tennis                       桌球 Table Tennis                                桌球
Jewelry-making                紙雕 Project Pinterest                        自己動手做
Performance Dance*       舞蹈表演* Volleyball*                                   排球*
Volleyball*                         排球* Competitive Dance2                    舞蹈競賽2
Track (Field Events)          田徑  
THURSDAY 3:30-4:40 4:40-5:50
Study for STEM                  STEM 學習 Physical Fitness                            體適能
Wrestling Clinic Wrestling Clinic
Mathletes2                           數學2 Cooking                                          烹飪
Filmmaking                         影片製作 Filmmaking                                   影片製作
FluidEdge Dance                身體律動 Performance Dance*                  舞蹈表演*
Music Production              音樂製作 Strategy Games                            策略遊戲
Performance Dance*        舞蹈表演*  
FRIDAY 3:00-4:15 4:15-5:30
Intramural Sports              綜合運動 Intramural Sports                         綜合運動
Movie Time                        電影欣賞 Movie Time                                   電影欣賞
Theater*                              戲劇表演* Theater*                                         戲劇表演*
Gardening                           園藝 Games Lounge
Competitive Dance2                    舞蹈競賽2 Competitive Dance2                    舞蹈競賽2

* Indicates students must commit to all activity sessions  *表示學生必須參加所有活動
1This class is open to 7th graders      1表示僅對七年級學生開放
Tryouts for these classes have already occurred. The classes are closed to new students

Rachel Oakes
Program Director at LMC
Manhattan Youth
212.766.1104 ext. 202 (Office)
917.565.7196 (During After-School Hours)