Simon Baruch Middle School

Spring Session Dates: March 12, 2018- June 22, 2018

Registration Opens: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 at 1pm

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Spring Sports Try Out Dates: (Please take note of the try out dates for the Spring 2018 teams. Students must attend try outs to be considered for any of the sport teams.)

1st Session (3:00-4:30) 2nd Session (4:30-5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Top Chef Top Chef
Beat The Streets: Wrestling (Co-Ed)^ Lady Lions Softball**
Step Team* Baruch Dance Team*
Pinteresting Art Sculpey Clay Creation
Story Book Creation Yoga
Computer Coding Java 101
Chess Club  
Baruch Tennis (Co-ed)**
Boys/ Girls Volleyball**  
Spanish Club  
1st Session (3:00-4:30) 2nd Session (4:30-5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Varisty Boys Baseball** Beat The Streets: Wrestling (Co-Ed)^
Girls Volleyball **  
Jewelry Making Science Medley
Ceramics Ceramics
Shaolin Kung Fu Baruch Tennis (Co-ed)**
Track & Field^ Track & Field^
Tutorverse (SHSAT Prep) - 7th Graders Only!^ Tutorverse (SHSAT Prep) - 7th Graders Only!^
Advanced Orchestra*  
Math Counts
1st Session (3:00-4:30) 2nd Session (4:30-5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Boys Volleyball** JV A/B Baseball **
Lady Lions Softball**  
Digtial Illustration Photography
Digital Music Production Digital Music Production
Debate Team* Mindful  Motivators
Top Chef Top Chef
Track & Field^ Track & Field^
Pinteresting Art MY Sketchbook
Student Council*  
Competition Chess
Library Leaders  
1st Session (3:00-4:30) 2nd Session (4:30-5:45)
Study Lab Study Lab
Crochet 101 Do It Yourself (DIY)
Varisty Boys Baseball* Simon Says!
JV A/B Baseball ** Baruch Times! 
Filmmaking^ Filmmaking^
Watercolor Illustration Pinteresting Art
Improv Comedy
Baruch Chamber Music Society  
Advanced Glee*  
Think Elephants  
1st Session (3:00-4:30) 2nd Session (4:30-5:45)
7th/8th Grade Art Portfolio Basketball Clinic
Foodie & a Movie Foodie & a Movie
Comic Book Art Location Drawing
Anime and Manga Lovers  Game Labs
Spa Science Dissection
Soccer with Skip Soccer with Skip
Ulitmate Frisbee
Track & Field^

**Try Out Class!

*Rollover Class from Fall (Continues from Fall)!

^ Required to attend all sessions of that class!

Baseball (All Grades) Tuesday, March 6th & Thursday, March 8th 3-4:30pm

Boys & Girls Volleyball (All Grades): Monday, March 12th 3-6pm

Co-ed Tennis (All Grades): Monday, March 12th 3-4:30pm

Lady Lions Softball (All Grades): Monday, March 12th 4:30-6pm



Additional Tutorverse Information: Tutorverse will begin later on in the spring session (Tuesday, April 17th). It will run as a mandatory after-school double period (English/Math) session from 3-5:45pm. Below you will find the scheduled dates for Tutorverse's Spring Schedule. Please take special note of the two mandatory Saturday test dates. All Saturday tests will be administered at Simon Baruch from 8:45am-12:30pm.


Week 1: April 17th

Saturday Test 1: April 21st @ 8:45am

Week 2: April 24th

Week 3: May 1st

Week 4: May 8th

Week 5: May 15th

Week 6: May 22nd

*Memorial Day Weekend NO CLASS*

Week 7: June 5th

Saturday Test 2: June 9th @ 8:45am

Week 8: June 12th


MS104 Contact Information:

Mike Jones
Program Director
Manhattan Youth
Cell: 646-859-9116

Marylyne Myrthil
Assistant Director
Registration & Student Affairs
Simon Baruch Middle School

Adler Bruno
Assistant Director
Athletics Director
Simon Baruch Middle School