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Morton After-School Activities
Welcome to Manhattan Youth at 75 Morton!

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Spring Session:
March 11, 2019 - June 21, 2019

Spring Schedule

1st Session (3:20 - 4:35) 2nd Session (4:35 - 5:50)
Girls Varsity Volleyball ** Boys Varsity Volleyball **
W r e s t l i n g **
7 5  M o r t o n  Y e a r b o o k
Musical Theater # Physical Fitness ^
Creative Writing Games Lounge
Skateboarding ^ Skateboarding ^
Studio Art ^ Studio Art ^
Literacy Homework Lab Study Lab
Study for STEM  
Study Lab  
1st Session (3:20 - 4:35) 2nd Session (4:35 - 5:50)
B o y s  D e v e l o p m e n t a l  B a s e b a l l **
C o - E d  D e v e l o p m e n t a l  L a c r o s s e **
Girls Varsity Softball ** Jewelry Making
Cheerleading # Newspaper
Tennis Clinic Comic-Book Art
Coding Coding
Location Art Dance: Hip-Hop
Dance: Step Study Lab
Literacy Homework Lab  
Study for STEM  
Study Lab  
1st Session (3:20 - 4:35) 2nd Session (4:35 - 5:50)
Girls Varsity Volleyball ** Boys Varsity Volleyball **
Portfolio Art Fashion Design
Filmmaking ^ Filmmaking ^
Cooking ^ Cooking ^
Performance Dance #** DIY Club
75 Morton Chorus Games Lounge
Physical Fitness ^ Acting Techniques
Literacy Homework Lab Study Lab
Study for STEM  
Study Lab  
1st Session (3:20 - 4:35) 2nd Session (4:35 - 5:50)
G i r l s  V a r s i t y  S o f t b a l l **
7th Grade Track & Field** 6th Grade Track & Field**
Cheerleading # DIY Club ^
Photography Filmmaking (Web-Series) ^
Chess Physical Fitness ^
Scratch Coding Yoga
Literacy Homework Lab Science Experiments
Study for STEM Study Lab
Study Lab  
1st Session (3:20 - 4:35) 2nd Session (4:35 - 5:50)
L E G O  R o b o t i c s
M o v i e  C l u b
M u s i c a l  T h e a t e r #
Yoga Anime Club
Gardening Writing with Will
Storybook Creation Recess Games
Improv Games Lounge
Recreational Table Tennis ^ Recreational Table Tennis ^
Community Service  
Study Lab  
** Tryout/Audition-Based Club  
^ Students may only select one session of this club
# Rollover from Winter 2019  
Students may only enroll in ONE homework session per day. 
These include: Study Lab, Study for STEM, and Literacy Homework Lab

75 Morton MY After School Registration
Online Registration for the 75 Morton Manhattan Youth After Schools Winter Trimester Activities will open on Friday, March 1st at 6pm. The link will be sent out to you prior to registration opening. 

How To Complete Your Registration
In addition to the online registration, you must submit the after-school registration packet and medical form in its entirety. Please note that if any section in the packet is left blank, the forms will be rejected and at that point, your child's spot in after-school cannot be guaranteed. No photos please!

Once you're done, these forms can be emailed back in PDF form or placed in the Manhattan Youth mailbox in the main office at the school.

First Day of Spring Session is Monday, March 11th
Students have 15 minutes after day-school dismissal to gather their things and go to their lockers. Snack is provided in the cafeteria free of charge from 3:00pm to 3:15pm. Any student who leaves the building will not be permitted to re-enter.

If you know your child will be absent from After-School, please email the Assistant Site Director (email listed below). We expect activities to fill up quickly, and for there to be a waiting list. If a student is absent from an activity without a note from a parent/guardian, he/she may lose his/her spot in that club. If a student wishes to change his/her schedule or drop any or all after-school activities, a request must be made in writing by a parent/guardian. Students must not simply stop coming to activities. Please note, club switches can only be accommodated during the first two weeks of the trimester, as long as there is space in that club.

Daily Schedule
Monday - Friday
3:00pm - 3:15pm - Snack & Check In
3:20pm - 4:35pm - Early Session Clubs
4:35pm Dismissal

4:35pm - 5:50pm - Late Session Clubs
5:50pm - Dismissal

75 Morton Sports Teams
Our boys and girls sports teams proudly represent 75 Morton in Manhattan's competitive middle school athletic leagues.

Fall Sports (September - November)
Boys Varsity Soccer

Girls Varsity Soccer
JV Soccer
Girls Varsity/JV Volleyball
Varsity/JV Flag Football
Cross Country

Winter Sports (November - March)
Boys Varsity/JV Basketball
Girls Varsity/JV Basketball
JV/Varsity Table Tennis
Spring Sports (March - June)
Boys Varsity Volleyball

Girls Varsity Volleyball
Girls Softball
Track & Field
Boys Baseball (Developmental)
Lacrosse (Developmental)

Contact Information
Cynthia De Leon
Program Director, 75 Morton
Manhattan Youth


Callison Stratton
Assistant Site Director, 75 Morton
Manhattan Youth